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What do you do when you get in an accident?

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What do you do when you get in an accident?

It’s always unexpected. You find yourself in the middle of a busy intersection after having been hit from behind by another vehicle. You never expected it would happen to you. What do you do? Certainly it’s too early to call a lawyer! Here’s what we always advise and in hindsight what we wish our clients had done at the scene of the accident:

  1. At an absolute minimum, you need to get the name and address of the driver who hit you and the name of their insurance company. If they don’t have the policy number handy that’s fine but we need the name of the driver and the insurance company that insures the vehicle and driver who hit you. You should also give that person your name and the name of your insurance company.


  1. If you are well enough to move around, walk and talk after you have done the above, consider whether you need to call an ambulance for yourself or anyone else, and if not, if you can see damage to any of the vehicles, you should call the police. When the police arrive they will take a statement from everyone involved and they will give you a card that has information on it that you will need to give to  us.


  1. Consider whether or not you need to attend at the emergency department without an ambulance. If at this point you are already feeling pain, you should either immediately see your doctor or if your doctor is not available go to Emergency.


  1. After you have sought medical attention you’ll want to call your own insurance company and tell them about the collision. If you have a certain type of coverage, (sometimes called “section B”)  even if the accident is not your fault your insurance company may immediately assign an Accident Benefits adjuster to pay for your therapies and assign a property damage adjuster to take care of car repair. Your own insurance company may tell you to call the insurance company of the driver to be assigned a property damage adjuster. All of the above can be done without a lawyer.


  1. The very next call you make should be our telephone number – 738–7897.  Ask for Averill and she will take it from there!